(PHP 5, PHP 7)

php_user_filter::onCreateCalled when creating the filter


public bool php_user_filter::onCreate ( void )

This method is called during instantiation of the filter class object. If your filter allocates or initializes any other resources (such as a buffer), this is the place to do it.

When your filter is first instantiated, and yourfilter->onCreate() is called, a number of properties will be available as shown in the table below.

Property Contents
FilterClass->filtername A string containing the name the filter was instantiated with. Filters may be registered under multiple names or under wildcards. Use this property to determine which name was used.
FilterClass->params The contents of the params parameter passed to stream_filter_append() or stream_filter_prepend().
FilterClass->stream The stream resource being filtered. Maybe available only during filter() calls when the closing parameter is set to FALSE.


이 함수는 인수가 없습니다.


Your implementation of this method should return FALSE on failure, or TRUE on success.

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