(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PECL pdo >= 0.2.0)

PDOStatement::getAttribute Retrieve a statement attribute


public mixed PDOStatement::getAttribute ( int $attribute )

Gets an attribute of the statement. Currently, no generic attributes exist but only driver specific:

  • PDO::ATTR_CURSOR_NAME (Firebird and ODBC specific): Get the name of cursor for UPDATE ... WHERE CURRENT OF.


Returns the attribute value.


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machitgarha at outlook dot com
5 years ago
MySQL driver doesn't support PDOStatement::getAttribute(). If you use it, it produces a warning, even if you set error reporting (PDO::ERRMODE) to PDO::ERRMODE_SILENT; except when you set to PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION. Also, the SQLSTATE error code of the PDO statement (not the PDO object itself, i.e. using PDOStatement::errorCode()) will be 'IM001'.

Hope this helps someone!
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