(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler Set up unparsed entity declaration handler


bool xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler ( resource $parser , callable $handler )

Sets the unparsed entity declaration handler function for the XML parser parser.

The handler will be called if the XML parser encounters an external entity declaration with an NDATA declaration, like the following:

<!ENTITY <parameter>name</parameter> {<parameter>publicId</parameter> | <parameter>systemId</parameter>}
        NDATA <parameter>notationName</parameter>

See » section 4.2.2 of the XML 1.0 spec for the definition of notation declared external entities.



A reference to the XML parser to set up unparsed entity declaration handler function.


handler is a string containing the name of a function that must exist when xml_parse() is called for parser.

The function named by handler must accept six parameters:

handler ( resource $parser , string $entity_name , string $base , string $system_id , string $public_id , string $notation_name )
The first parameter, parser, is a reference to the XML parser calling the handler.
The name of the entity that is about to be defined.
This is the base for resolving the system identifier (systemId) of the external entity.Currently this parameter will always be set to an empty string.
System identifier for the external entity.
Public identifier for the external entity.
Name of the notation of this entity (see xml_set_notation_decl_handler()).

If a handler function is set to an empty string, or FALSE, the handler in question is disabled.

Note: 함수 이름 대신에, 객체의 참조와 메쏘드 이름을 가지는 배열을 사용할 수 있습니다.


성공 시 TRUE를, 실패 시 FALSE를 반환합니다.

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