parallel requires a build of PHP with ZTS (Zend Thread Safety) enabled (--enable-zts, or on non-Windows systems prior to PHP 8.0.0, --enable-maintainer-zts)


Zend Thread Safety cannot be enabled post build; it is a build time configuration option.

parallel should build anywhere there is a working Posix Threads header (pthread.h) and ZTS build of PHP, including Windows (using the pthread-w32 project from redhat).


parallel releases are hosted by PECL and the source code by » github, the easiest route to installation is the normal PECL route: »

Windows users can download prebuilt release binaries from the » PECL website.


Windows users need to take the additional step of adding pthreadVC2.dll (distributed with Windows releases) to their PATH.

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andre at webtechnik dot ch
1 year ago
On Windows Systems:

- Install PHP TS (Thread Safe)
- Download Extension from PECL (PHP-Version, Thread Safe (TS), Compiler - Version (VC15, VC16), Architecture must match)
- Copy extension to folder: <your php dir>/ext/php_parallel.dll
- Copy app to folder: <your php dir>/pthreadVC2.dll (It is important to copy pthreadVC2.dll not into the ext folder!)
- add pthreadVC2.dll to windows system environment path
- add in php.ini the line extension=parallel to load the extension
- restart

Try on console: php -v

If there are no errors, everything works and you can try the examples
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