(PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PHP 7)

RegexIterator::__constructCreate a new RegexIterator


public RegexIterator::__construct ( Iterator $iterator , string $regex [, int $mode = self::MATCH [, int $flags = 0 [, int $preg_flags = 0 ]]] )

Create a new RegexIterator which filters an Iterator using a regular expression.

Elenco dei parametri


The iterator to apply this regex filter to.


The regular expression to match.


Operation mode, see RegexIterator::setMode() for a list of modes.


Special flags, see RegexIterator::setFlags() for a list of available flags.


The regular expression flags. These flags depend on the operation mode parameter:

RegexIterator preg_flags
operation mode available flags
RegexIterator::ALL_MATCHES See preg_match_all().
RegexIterator::GET_MATCH See preg_match().
RegexIterator::MATCH See preg_match().
RegexIterator::REPLACE none.
RegexIterator::SPLIT See preg_split().


Throws an InvalidArgumentException if the regex argument is invalid.


Example #1 RegexIterator::__construct() example

Creates a new RegexIterator that filters all strings that start with 'test'.

= new ArrayIterator(array('test 1''another test''test 123'));
$regexIterator = new RegexIterator($arrayIterator'/^test/');

foreach (
$regexIterator as $value) {
$value "\n";

Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ  qualcosa simile a:

test 1
test 123

Vedere anche:

  • preg_match() - Riconoscimento con espressioni regolari
  • preg_match_all() - Esegue un riconoscimento globale con le espressioni regolari
  • preg_replace() - Esegue una ricerca ed una sostituzione con le espressioni regolari
  • preg_split() - Suddivisione di una stringa tramite le espressioni regolari

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