(PHP 5 >= 5.0.3, PHP 7, PHP 8)

ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueGets default parameter value


public ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValue(): mixed

Gets the default value of the parameter for any user-defined or internal function or method. If the parameter is not optional a ReflectionException will be thrown.

Elenco dei parametri

Questa funzione non contiene parametri.

Valori restituiti

The parameters default value.

Log delle modifiche

Versione Descrizione
8.0.0 This method now allows getting the default value of parameters of built-in functions and built-in class methods. Previously, a ReflectionException was thrown.


Example #1 Getting default values of function parameters

function foo($test$bar 'baz')
$test $bar;

$function = new ReflectionFunction('foo');

foreach (
$function->getParameters() as $param) {
'Name: ' $param->getName() . PHP_EOL;
    if (
$param->isOptional()) {
'Default value: ' $param->getDefaultValue() . PHP_EOL;

Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ :

Name: test

Name: bar
Default value: baz

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6 years ago
[Editor's note: fixed on user's request]

Getting `Uncaught ReflectionException: Internal error: Failed to retrieve the default value`?

You have to wrap this inside ->isDefaultValueAvailable().
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