(PECL rar >= 0.1)

RarEntry::getNameGet name of the entry


public RarEntry::getName(): string

Returns the name (with path) of the archive entry.

Elenco dei parametri

Questa funzione non contiene parametri.

Valori restituiti

Returns the entry name as a string, or false on error.

Log delle modifiche

Versione Descrizione
PECL rar 2.0.0 As of version 2.0.0, the returned string is encoded in Unicode/UTF-8.


Example #1 RarEntry::getName() example


//this example is safe even in pages not encoded in UTF-8
//for those encoded in UTF-8, the call to mb_convert_encoding is unnecessary

$rar_file = rar_open('example.rar') or die("Failed to open Rar archive");

$entry = rar_entry_get($rar_file, 'Dir/file.txt') or die("Failed to find such entry");

"Entry name: " . mb_convert_encoding(


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