(PECL mysqlnd-uh >= 1.0.1-alpha)

MysqlndUhConnection::setAutocommitTurns on or off auto-committing database modifications


public MysqlndUhConnection::setAutocommit ( mysqlnd_connection $connection , int $mode ) : bool

Turns on or off auto-committing database modifications

Elenco dei parametri


Mysqlnd connection handle. Do not modify!


Whether to turn on auto-commit or not.

Valori restituiti

Returns TRUE on success. Otherwise, returns FALSE


Example #1 MysqlndUhConnection::setAutocommit() example

class proxy extends MysqlndUhConnection {
 public function 
setAutocommit($res$mode) {
printf("%s(%s)\n"__METHOD__var_export(func_get_args(), true));
$ret parent::setAutocommit($res$mode);
printf("%s returns %s\n"__METHOD__var_export($rettrue));
mysqlnd_uh_set_connection_proxy(new proxy());
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost""root""""test");

Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ :

proxy::setAutocommit(array (
  0 => NULL,
  1 => 0,
proxy::setAutocommit returns true
proxy::setAutocommit(array (
  0 => NULL,
  1 => 1,
proxy::setAutocommit returns true

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