The driver requires PHP 5.5 or higher.

The driver requires » libbson and » libmongoc, and will use bundled versions of both libraries by default.

The driver requires » OpenSSL and will rely on PHP to find its headers (i.e. PHP_SETUP_OPENSSL). If the build process fails to find OpenSSL, check that the OpenSSL development package (e.g. libssl-dev) and » pkg-config are both installed.

Due to potential problems representing 64-bit integers on 32-bit platforms, users are advised to use 64-bit environments. When using a 32-bit platform, be aware that any 64-bit integer read from the database will be returned as a MongoDB\BSON\Int64 instance instead of a PHP integer type.

» Cyrus SASL is an optional dependency and will be used if available.

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mfoley at cms-controls dot com
3 years ago
I ran into this module requiring libsasl.dll available in the Windows Path. I thought that was just for the old driver, but apparently not. I'm running PHP 7.0.7 with Apache 2.4 (VC14), x64 thread-safe. I was working with version 1.2.5 of the MongoDB driver.
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