(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\BSON\Regex::__constructConstruct a new Regex


final public MongoDB\BSON\Regex::__construct(string $pattern, string $flags = "")

Elenco dei parametri

pattern (string)

The regular expression pattern.

Nota: The pattern should not be wrapped with delimiter characters.

flags (string)

The » regular expression flags. Characters in this argument will be sorted alphabetically.


Log delle modifiche

Versione Descrizione
PECL mongodb 1.2.0

The flags argument is optional and defaults to an empty string.

Characters in the flags argument will be sorted alphabetically when a Regex is constructed. Previously, the characters were stored in the order provided.

MongoDB\Driver\Exception\InvalidArgumentException is thrown if pattern or flags contain null bytes. Previously, values would be truncated at the first null byte.


Example #1 MongoDB\BSON\Regex::__construct() example


= new MongoDB\BSON\Regex('^foo''i');


Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ :

object(MongoDB\BSON\Regex)#1 (2) {
  string(4) "^foo"
  string(1) "i"
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User Contributed Notes 1 note

Alejandro Wilcke
2 years ago
This matches with any fieldName that includes the string:
$mongoRegex = new MongoDB\BSON\Regex("$string", "i");

This matches with any fieldName that STARTS with the string:
$mongoRegex = new MongoDB\BSON\Regex("^$string", "i");

$cursor = $collection->find( [ 'fieldName' => $mongoRegex ] );

$docs = [];

foreach($cursor as $doc){
     $docs[] = $doc;

return $docs;
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