(PECL memcached >= 2.0.0)

Memcached::isPristineCheck if the instance was recently created


public Memcached::isPristine ( void ) : bool

Memcached::isPristine() checks if the Memcache instance was recently created.

Elenco dei parametri

Questa funzione non contiene parametri.

Valori restituiti

Returns the true if instance is recently created, false otherwise.

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gerben at gerbs dot net
3 years ago
How is the return value determined? What is the definition of 'recently'? Does this function return true if the item was stored using the current connection?
vick dot qi at yahoo dot com
3 years ago
From the source code of contructor, the "recently" means the connection to server of the instence is recently created, that is the instance was created without a persistent_id parameter or the first to use the persistent_id.

For instance, the gives a bool(true):

$memcached = new Memcached();
$isPristine = $memcached->isPristine();

This also gives a bool(true):

$memcached = new Memcached('pid1');
$isPristine = $memcached->isPristine();

while this gives a bool(false):

$memcached = new Memcached('pid1');
$memcached2 = new Memcached('pid1');
$isPristine = $memcached2->isPristine();
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