(PECL imagick 2 >= 2.3.0, PECL imagick 3 >= 3.3.0)

Imagick::deskewImageRemoves skew from the image


public Imagick::deskewImage(float $threshold): bool

This method can be used to remove skew from for example scanned images where the paper was not properly placed on the scanning surface. Questo metodo è disponibile se Imagick è stato compilato con ImageMagick versione 6.4.5 o successive.

Elenco dei parametri


Deskew threshold

Valori restituiti


Example #1 Imagick::deskewImage()

function deskewImage($threshold) {
$imagick = new \Imagick(realpath("images/NYTimes-Page1-11-11-1918.jpg"));
$deskewImagick = clone $imagick;
//This is the only thing required for deskewing.

//The rest of this example is to make the result obvious - because
    //otherwise the result is not obvious.
$trim 9;

$deskewImagick->cropImage($deskewImagick->getImageWidth() - $trim$deskewImagick->getImageHeight(), $trim0);
$imagick->cropImage($imagick->getImageWidth() - $trim$imagick->getImageHeight(), $trim0);
$deskewImagick->resizeimage($deskewImagick->getImageWidth() / 2$deskewImagick->getImageHeight() / 2, \Imagick::FILTER_LANCZOS1);
$imagick->resizeimage($imagick->getImageWidth() / 2$imagick->getImageHeight() / 2, \Imagick::FILTER_LANCZOS1);
$newCanvas = new \Imagick();
$newCanvas->newimage($imagick->getImageWidth() + $deskewImagick->getImageWidth() + 20$imagick->getImageHeight(), 'red''jpg');
$newCanvas->compositeimage($imagick, \Imagick::COMPOSITE_COPY50);
$newCanvas->compositeimage($deskewImagick, \Imagick::COMPOSITE_COPY$imagick->getImageWidth() + 100);

header("Content-Type: image/jpg");


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