(PECL haru >= 0.0.1)

HaruPage::showTextPrint text at the current position of the page


HaruPage::showText ( string $text ) : bool

Prints out the text at the current position of the page.

Elenco dei parametri


The text to show.

Valori restituiti

Returns TRUE on success.


Lancia un'eccezione HaruException in caso di errore.

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aku at syuaa dot net
8 years ago
My First Hello Text


= "Hello Text";

$doc=new HaruDoc;

//load haru font Times-Roman
$font = $doc->getFont('Times-Roman');

//Set margin top to 50 pixel
$mTop = 50;

//Set first yPos, you will need to reduce text height
$ypos = $page->getHeight()-$mTop-12;

$page->setFontandSize($font, 12);

header('Content-type: application/pdf');

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