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(PECL gmagick >= Unknown)

Gmagick::medianfilterimageApplies a digital filter


public void Gmagick::medianfilterimage ( float $radius )

Applies a digital filter that improves the quality of a noisy image. Each pixel is replaced by the median in a set of neighboring pixels as defined by radius.

Elenco dei parametri


The radius of the pixel neighborhood.

Valori restituiti

Gmagick object with median filter applied.


Throws an GmagickException on error.

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jeff at arizonacoders dot com
1 year ago
For people like me who like a quick reference, the filters are:

FILTER_UNDEFINED => UndefinedFilter
FILTER_POINT => PointFilter
FILTER_BOX => BoxFilter
FILTER_TRIANGLE => TriangleFilter
FILTER_HERMITE => HermiteFilter
FILTER_HANNING => HanningFilter
FILTER_HAMMING => HammingFilter
FILTER_BLACKMAN => BlackmanFilter
FILTER_GAUSSIAN => GaussianFilter
FILTER_QUADRATIC => QuadraticFilter
FILTER_CUBIC => CubicFilter
FILTER_CATROM => CatromFilter
FILTER_MITCHELL => MitchellFilter
FILTER_LANCZOS => LanczosFilter
FILTER_BESSEL => BesselFilter
FILTER_SINC => SincFilter

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