(PHP 5 >= 5.1.2, PHP 7, PECL xmlwriter >= 0.1.0)

XMLWriter::writeComment -- xmlwriter_write_commentWrite full comment tag


Stile orientato agli oggetti

XMLWriter::writeComment ( string $content ) : bool

Stile procedurale

xmlwriter_write_comment ( resource $xmlwriter , string $content ) : bool

Writes a full comment.

Elenco dei parametri


Solo per chiamate procedurali. La resource XMLWriter che รจ stata modificata. Questa risorsa deriva da una chiamata a xmlwriter_open_uri() or xmlwriter_open_memory().


The contents of the comment.

Valori restituiti

Restituisce TRUE in caso di successo, FALSE in caso di fallimento.

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thewrs at gmail dot com
12 years ago
This will write a XML <!----> style comment to your XMLWriter resource.

Strings up to 50 characters long are displayed on a single line with no spacing between the tags.

Anything above 50 characters will show on multiple formatted lines. Using the \n metacharater inserts a newline and maintains indenting.
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