(PECL svn >= 0.3.0)

svn_blameGet the SVN blame for a file


svn_blame(string $repository_url, int $revision_no = SVN_REVISION_HEAD): array

Get the SVN blame of a file from a repository URL.

Elenco dei parametri


The repository URL.


The revision number.

Valori restituiti

An array of SVN blame information separated by line which includes the revision number, line number, line of code, author, and date.


Example #1 svn_blame() example


print_rsvn_blame($svnurl) );


Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ  qualcosa simile a:

    [0] = Array
           [rev] = 1
           [line_no] = 1
           [line] = Hello World
           [author] = joesmith
           [date] = 2007-07-02T05:51:26.628396Z
    [1] = Array

Vedere anche:

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