(PECL radius >= 1.3.0)

radius_get_tagged_attr_tagExtracts the tag from a tagged attribute


radius_get_tagged_attr_tag ( string $data ) : int|false

If a tagged attribute has been returned from radius_get_attr(), radius_get_tagged_attr_data() will return the tag from the attribute.

Elenco dei parametri


The tagged attribute to be decoded.

Valori restituiti

Returns the tag from the tagged attribute o false in caso di fallimento.


Example #1 radius_get_tagged_attr_tag() example

while ($resa radius_get_attr($res)) {
    if (!
is_array($resa)) {
printf ("Error getting attribute: %s\n",  radius_strerror($res));

$attr $resa['attr'];
$data $resa['data'];

$tag radius_get_tagged_attr_tag($data);
$value radius_get_tagged_attr_data($data);

printf("Got tagged attribute with tag %d and value %s\n"$tag$value);

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