(PECL mqseries >= 0.10.0)

mqseries_put1MQSeries MQPUT1


mqseries_put1 ( resource $hconn , resource &$objDesc , resource &$msgDesc , resource &$pmo , string $buffer , resource &$compCode , resource &$reason ) : void

The mqseries_put1() (MQPUT1) call puts one message on a queue. The queue need not be open.

You can use both the mqseries_put() and mqseries_put1() calls to put messages on a queue; which call to use depends on the circumstances. Use the mqseries_put() (MQPUT) call to place multiple messages on the same queue. Use the mqseries_put1() (MQPUT1) call to put only one message on a queue. This call encapsulates the MQOPEN, MQPUT, and MQCLOSE calls into a single call, minimizing the number of calls that must be issued.

Elenco dei parametri


Connection handle.

This handle represents the connection to the queue manager.


Object descriptor. (MQOD)

This is a structure which identifies the queue to which the message is added.


Message descriptor (MQMD).


Put message options (MQPMO).


Completion code.


Reason code qualifying the compCode.

Valori restituiti

Nessun valore viene restituito.

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