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(PECL eio >= 0.0.1dev)

eio_busyArtificially increase load. Could be useful in tests, benchmarking


resource eio_busy ( int $delay [, int $pri = EIO_PRI_DEFAULT [, callable $callback = NULL [, mixed $data = NULL ]]] )

eio_busy() artificially increases load taking delay seconds to execute. May be used for debugging, or benchmarking.

Elenco dei parametri


Delay in seconds


The request priority: EIO_PRI_DEFAULT, EIO_PRI_MIN, EIO_PRI_MAX, or NULL. If NULL passed, pri internally is set to EIO_PRI_DEFAULT.


This callback is called when all the group requests are done.


Arbitrary variable passed to callback.

Valori restituiti

eio_busy() returns request resource on success or FALSE on error.

Vedere anche:

  • eio_nop
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