(PECL event >= 1.2.6-beta)

EventBufferEvent::sslSocketCreates a new SSL buffer event to send its data over an SSL on a socket


public static EventBufferEvent::sslSocket ( EventBase $base , mixed $socket , EventSslContext $ctx , int $state [, int $options ] ) : EventBufferEvent

Creates a new SSL buffer event to send its data over an SSL on a socket.

Elenco dei parametri


Associated event base.


Socket to use for this SSL. Can be stream or socket resource, numeric file descriptor, or NULL. If socket is NULL, it is assumed that the file descriptor for the socket will be assigned later, for instance, by means of EventBufferEvent::connectHost() method.


Object of EventSslContext class.


The current state of SSL connection: EventBufferEvent::SSL_OPEN , EventBufferEvent::SSL_ACCEPTING or EventBufferEvent::SSL_CONNECTING .


The buffer event options.

Valori restituiti

Returns EventBufferEvent object.

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