(PECL cairo >= 0.1.0)

CairoSurface::copyPage -- cairo_copy_pageThe copyPage purpose


Stile orientato agli oggetti (method):

public CairoSurface::copyPage ( void ) : void

Stile procedurale:

cairo_copy_page ( CairoContext $context ) : void

Emits the current page for backends that support multiple pages, but doesn't clear it, so that the contents of the current page will be retained for the next page. Use CairoSurface::showPage() if you want to get an empty page after the emission.

Elenco dei parametri


A CairoContext object

Valori restituiti



Example #1 Stile orientato agli oggetti

/* ... */

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Example #2 Stile procedurale

/* ... */

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