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Liste des Fuseaux Horaires Supportés


Ici, vous trouverez une liste complète des fuseaux horaires supportés par PHP, qui peuvent être utilisés avec, e.g. date_default_timezone_set().

Note: La dernière version de la base de données des fuseaux horaires peut être installée via la commande PECL » timezonedb.

Note: Cette liste est basée sur la version de la base de données des fuseaux horaires 2015.4.

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2 months ago
To get a list programmatically, I use \DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers() (you may encounter its alias timezone_identifiers_list()):
miquelon at gmail dot com
1 year ago
Missing time zone of the islands of St Pierre et Miquelon, south of Newfoundland but associated region of France.

The islands have a time zone that changes daylight time with North America and not Europe. It is EST+2.
naz at barge dot ch
1 year ago
it miss a timezone for switzerland  (geneva, zurich, bern  or something)
3 years ago
Some linux dsitributions (eg: debian) use the disrio-provided zoneinfo database (/usr/share/zoneinfo). This means to get a list of timezones programmatically you can search through that directory (recursively).  This also means that zones used by other software that use this zoneinfo database (eg postgresql) will also be supported by php.
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