(PHP 8)

PhpToken::isTells whether the token is of given kind.


public PhpToken::is(int|string|array $kind): bool

Tells whether the token is of given kind.

Liste de param├Ętres


Either a single value to match the token's id or textual content, or an array thereof.

Valeurs de retour

A boolean value whether the token is of given kind.


Exemple #1 PhpToken::is() example

= new PhpToken(T_ECHO'echo');
var_dump($token->is(T_ECHO));        // -> bool(true)
var_dump($token->is('echo'));        // -> bool(true)
var_dump($token->is(T_FOREACH));     // -> bool(false)
var_dump($token->is('foreach'));     // -> bool(false)

Exemple #2 Usage with array

function isClassType(PhpToken $token): bool {

$interface = new PhpToken(T_INTERFACE'interface');
var_dump(isClassType($interface));   // -> bool(true)

$function = new PhpToken(T_FUNCTION'function');
var_dump(isClassType($function));    // -> bool(false)

Voir aussi

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