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stripcslashesDécode une chaîne encodée avec addcslashes()


stripcslashes(string $string): string

Retourne la chaîne str après avoir supprimé tous les antislashs. stripcslashes() respecte les séquences spéciales du C, telles que \n, \r..., les nombres octaux et hexadécimaux.

Liste de paramètres


La chaîne à traiter.

Valeurs de retour

Retourne la chaîne modifiée.


Exemple #1 Exemple avec stripcslashes()


(stripcslashes('I\'d have a coffee.\nNot a problem.') === "I'd have a coffee.
Not a problem."
); // true

Voir aussi

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6 years ago
stripcslashes does not simply skip the C-style escape sequences \a, \b, \f, \n, \r, \t and \v, but converts them to their actual meaning.

('\n') == "\n"; //true;

$str = "we are escaping \r\n"; //we are escaping

uramihsayibok, gmail, com
15 years ago
> stripcslashes('He\xallo') == 'He'."\n".'llo'
> stripcslashes('H\xaello') == 'H'.chr(0xAE).'llo'
> */
> You Can Use
> stripcslashes('H\xa0ello') == 'H'.chr(0xA0).'ello'
Correct. But not what (I think) you were trying to show.

> as xa0 = xa = chr(xA)
Not so correct.

Does 9==90? No, because that added zero *after* the number means something.
It's when you add a zero *before* the number does it not affect the value.

I'd like to assume that was a typo, but with the Internet as it is, who knows...
> You Can Use
> stripcslashes('H\x0aello') == 'H'.chr(0x0A).'ello'
jsmneo at dreamworkstudio dot net
15 years ago
you might want to do a double stripslashes to completely remove 3 consecutive slashes

$stripped = 'this is a string with three\\\ slashes';
$stripped = stripslahses($stripped);
would output:
'this is a string with three\ slashes'

$stripped = 'this is a string with three\\\ slashes';
$stripped = stripslahses(stripslashes($stripped));
would output:
'this is a string with three slashes'
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