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(PECL stats >= 1.0.0)

stats_cdf_binomialCalcule n'importe quel paramètre de distribution binomiale des valeurs données pour les autres


float stats_cdf_binomial ( float $par1 , float $par2 , float $par3 , int $which )

Cette fonction n'est pas documentée et seule la liste des arguments est disponible.

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2 years ago
Calculates any one parameter of the binomial
     distribution given values for the others.


     WHICH --> Integer indicating which of the next four argument
               values is to be calculated from the others.
               Legal range: 1..4
               iwhich = 1 : Calculate P and Q from S,XN,PR and OMPR
               iwhich = 2 : Calculate S from P,Q,XN,PR and OMPR
               iwhich = 3 : Calculate XN from P,Q,S,PR and OMPR
               iwhich = 4 : Calculate PR and OMPR from P,Q,S and XN

     P <--> The cumulation from 0 to S of the binomial distribution.
            (Probablility of S or fewer successes in XN trials each
            with probability of success PR.)
            Input range: [0,1].

     Q <--> 1-P.
            Input range: [0, 1].
            P + Q = 1.0.

     S <--> The number of successes observed.
            Input range: [0, XN]
            Search range: [0, XN]

     XN  <--> The number of binomial trials.
              Input range: (0, +infinity).
              Search range: [1E-100, 1E100]

     PR  <--> The probability of success in each binomial trial.
              Input range: [0,1].
              Search range: [0,1]

     OMPR  <--> 1-PR
              Input range: [0,1].
              Search range: [0,1]
              PR + OMPR = 1.0

     STATUS <-- 0 if calculation completed correctly
               -I if input parameter number I is out of range
                1 if answer appears to be lower than lowest
                  search bound
                2 if answer appears to be higher than greatest
                  search bound
                3 if P + Q .ne. 1
                4 if PR + OMPR .ne. 1

     BOUND <-- Undefined if STATUS is 0

               Bound exceeded by parameter number I if STATUS
               is negative.

               Lower search bound if STATUS is 1.

               Upper search bound if STATUS is 2.
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