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(PECL ev >= 0.2.0)

EvLoop::runBegin checking for events and calling callbacks for the loop


public void EvLoop::run ([ int $flags = 0 ] )

Begin checking for events and calling callbacks for the current event loop. Returns when a callback calls Ev::stop() method, or the flags are nonzero(in which case the return value is true) or when there are no active watchers which reference the loop( EvWatcher::keepalive() is TRUE), in which case the return value will be FALSE. The return value can generally be interpreted as if TRUE, there is more work left to do .

Liste de paramètres


Optional parameter flags can be one of the following:

List for possible values of flags
flags Description
0 The default behavior described above
Ev::RUN_ONCE Block at most one(wait, but don't loop)
Ev::RUN_NOWAIT Don't block at all(fetch/handle events, but don't wait)

See the run flag constants .

Valeurs de retour

Aucune valeur n'est retournée.

Voir aussi

  • EvLoop::stop() - Stops the event loop
  • Ev::run() - Commence la vérification des événements et appelle les fonctions de rappels pour la boucle par défaut
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