PHP 5.6.29 Released


Para habilitar el soporte de SOAP, se ha de configurar PHP con --enable-soap .

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3 months ago
for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
sudo apt-get install php7.0-soap
sudo systemctl restart apache2.service
6 years ago
If you are using 3rd party all-in-one servers on windows (like Uniform Server etc), "php_soap.dll" may not be included in the default distribution. If this is the case, the do phpinfo(); first, check what compiler is used - you need to find out if it's VC6 or VC9, then got to official php download page, get windows binary distribution (.zip archive recommended), and copy php_soap.dll from that archive to your server (on Uniform it's <path>usr\local\php\extensions\ and then restart the apache service. Please note that despite of compiler difference, PHP comes in two flavours - thread safe and non thread safe. If one does not work for you (check logs - "unable to load dynamic library '...' usually means file is not there (not the case) or cannot be loaded (due to compiler ABI mismatch or ts/nts mismatch). Try thread safe binaries first.
ifzen at yahoo dot com
6 years ago
And CentOS or Red-Hat : yum install php-soap
6 years ago
Gentoo: add the 'soap' use flag to /etc/make.conf and emerge -av php
3 years ago
yum install php53-soap
--centos Linux 2.6.18-308.el5
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