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Esta extensión » PECL no se distribuye con PHP.

Se puede encontrar información para la instalación de esta extensión PECL en el capítulo del manual titulado Instalación de extensiones PECL. Se puede encontrar información adicional, tal como nuevos lanzamientos, descargas, ficheros fuente, información de mantenimiento, y un CHANGELOG, aquí: »

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phpgeoipnote at empirestorage dot ca
19 hours ago
Hi everybody, I ran into many roadbumps installing this, hopefully these tips will help somebody else.
I installed it on a CentOS 5.x system running PHP 5.3.x managed by Virtualmin/Webmin. Using SSH, I installed the following packages via yum:

yum install php53-devel geoip geoip-devel gcc.

Basically I ran into a bunch of random errors that were resolved by installing whatever package was required, AND their equivalent -devel companion. Then I ran:

pecl install geoip

Once that installed, I had to edit /etc/php.ini. Search for "extension=" and add the line "extention=geoip". If you have virtual hosts setup in your hosting environment that each have their own php.ini file, you'll need to add that line to each file.
mikey03062 at yahoo dot com
1 year ago
if you are using RH (or CentOS) a simple

yum install php-pecl-geoip

worked for me.    So, before you read all the rest of these "install" instructions, try that.
11 months ago
@Centos 6.4
# yum install GeoIP-devel (from yum repo, epel)
# pecl install geoip
then, as prompt, put "" into php.ini. Works
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