(PHP 4, PHP 5, PECL odbtp >= 1.1.1)

mssql_field_typeDevuelve el tipo de un campo


Esta función está OBSOLETA en PHP 7.0.0.

Las alternativas a esta función son:


mssql_field_type ( resource $result [, int $offset = -1 ] ) : string

Devuelve el tipo del campo número offset dentro del resultado result.



El resultado que está siendo evaluado. Este resultado proviene de una llamada a la función mssql_query().


La posición del campo, empezando por 0. Si se omite, se utilizará el campo actual.

Valores devueltos

El tipo del campo especificado por el índice en caso de éxito o FALSE en caso de error.


Ejemplo #1 mssql_field_type() example

// Conectar a MSSQL y seleccionar la base de datos

// Enviar una consulta a MSSQL
$query mssql_query('SELECT [name] FROM [php].[dbo].[persons]');

// Mostrar el tipo y longitud del campo
echo '\'' mssql_field_name($query0) . '\' es del tipo ' 
strtoupper(mssql_field_type($query0)) . 
'(' mssql_field_length($query0) . ')';

// Liberar el recurso

El resultado del ejemplo sería algo similar a:

'name' es del tipo CHAR(50)

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

rmorales at protel dot net dot mx
17 years ago
Here i have an usable code for all u:

   I wanted to know if a field is nullable or if it's defined as a primary key, here are those functions definitions:

*Aditional Notes:
    if any of the tables are replicated in another database exactly , this code will not work well.

//-----to know if a field is nullable-------
function mssql_field_nullable($ip,$user,$pass,$table,$field)//starting from 1st field
      $conn=mssql_connect($ip,$user,$pass)or die;
      $result=mssql_query("SELECT syscolumns.isnullable
FROM sysobjects INNER JOIN
    syscolumns ON = WHERE ='$table' AND syscolumns.isnullable = 1");
      return ($x==1?1:0);

//-------to know if a field is a primary key-------
function mssql_field_key($ip,$user,$pass,$table,$field)//starting from 1st field
      $conn=mssql_connect($ip,$user,$pass)or die;
      $result=mssql_query("SELECT sysindexkeys.colid FROM sysobjects INNER JOIN sysindexkeys ON = WHERE ='$table' AND sysindexkeys.colid = $field");
      return ($x==1?1:0);

by R.M.R.A
huib at bestia dot com
15 years ago
If you need a more detailed discription of your column type,

This query shows your true datatypes like:

binary => binary
varbinary => varbinary
varchar => varchar
bit => bit
char => char
datetime => datetime
smalldatetime => smalldatetime
decimal => decimal
real => real
float => float
tinyint => tinyint
smallint => smallint
smallmoney => smallmoney
money => money
nchar => nchar
ntext => ntext
text => text
numeric => numeric
nvarchar => nvarchar

SELECT AS tableName, AS columnName, AS columnType
FROM         sysobjects INNER JOIN
                      syscolumns ON = INNER JOIN
                      systypes ON syscolumns.type = systypes.type AND syscolumns.xusertype = systypes.xusertype
nicholas at silverorange dot com
15 years ago
The matching returned values for each of the common datatypes are:

binary => blob
varbinary => blob
varchar => char
bit => bit
char => char
datetime => datetime
smalldatetime => datetime
decimal => real
real => real
float => real
tinyint => int
smallint => int
smallmoney => money
money => money
nchar => char
ntext => text
text => text
numeric => numeric
nvarchar => char
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