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jddayofweekDevuelve el día de la semana


mixed jddayofweek ( int $julianday [, int $mode = CAL_DOW_DAYNO ] )

Devuelve el día de la semana. Puede devolver una cadena o un entero dependiendo del modo.



Un número de día juliano como un entero

Modos de semana de calendario
Modo Significado
0 (Por defecto) Devuelve el número de día como un entero (0=domingo, 1=lunes, etc.)
1 Devuelve una cadena que contiene el día de la semana (Inglés-Gregoriano)
2 Devuelve una cadena que contiene el día de la semana abreviado (Inglés-Gregoriano)

Valores devueltos

El día de la semada gregoriana como un entero o cadena.

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

alex a khimich d org
1 year ago
In my case i had lots of head pain with returning day number using this function.
Here is bypass solution using just date():

=date('w', strtotime('1-09-2015')); // 2
php at xtramicro dot com
12 years ago
Be aware that date() and mktime() only work as long as you move within the UNIX era (1970 - 2038 / 0x0 - 0x7FFFFFFF in seconds). Outside that era those functions are only generating errors.

In other words: mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 31, 1969) *DOES NOT* work (and so doesn't date() fed with with mktime()'s result from above). But cal_to_jd(CAL_GREGORIAN, 12, 11, 1969) *DOES WORK*.

And please note that the calendar-extension's functions arguments follow the US date order: month - day - year.
nrkkalyan at rediffmail dot com
11 years ago
You can get todays day time and date using this code

echo date("d")." ";
date("m")." ";
date("Y")." ";
date("h:i:s A");

' <br/>';
jddayofweek ( cal_to_jd(CAL_GREGORIAN, date("m"),date("d"), date("Y")) , 1 );
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