(PHP 7 >= 7.4.0)

FFI::cdefCreates a new FFI object


public static FFI::cdef ( string $code = "" , string|null $lib = null ) : FFI

Creates a new FFI object.



A string containing a sequence of declarations in regular C language (types, structures, functions, variables, etc). Actually, this string may be copy-pasted from C header files.


C preprocessor directives are not supported, i.e. #include, #define and CPP macros do not work.


The name of a shared library file, to be loaded and linked with the definitions.


If lib is omitted, platforms supporting RTLD_DEFAULT attempt to lookup symbols declared in code in the normal global scope. Other systems will fail to resolve these symbols.

Valores devueltos

Returns the freshly created FFI object.

Historial de cambios

Versión Descripción
8.0.0 lib is nullable now.
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