La clase Phar

(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL phar >= 1.0.0)


La clase Phar proporciona una interfaz de alto nivel para el acceso y la creación de archivos phar.

Sinopsis de la Clase

class Phar extends RecursiveDirectoryIterator implements Countable, ArrayAccess {
/* Métodos */
public addEmptyDir(string $dirname): void
public addFile(string $file, string $localname = ?): void
public addFromString(string $localname, string $contents): void
final public static apiVersion(): string
public buildFromDirectory(string $base_dir, string $regex = ?): array
public buildFromIterator(Iterator $iter, string $base_directory = ?): array
final public static canCompress(int $type = 0): bool
final public static canWrite(): bool
public compress(int $compression, string $extension = ?): object
public compressFiles(int $compression): void
public __construct(string $fname, int $flags = ?, string $alias = ?)
public convertToData(int $format = 9021976, int $compression = 9021976, string $extension = ?): PharData
public convertToExecutable(int $format = 9021976, int $compression = 9021976, string $extension = ?): Phar
public copy(string $oldfile, string $newfile): bool
public count(): int
final public static createDefaultStub(string $indexfile = ?, string $webindexfile = ?): string
public decompress(string $extension = ?): object
public decompressFiles(): bool
public delMetadata(): bool
public delete(string $entry): bool
public extractTo(string $pathto, string|array $files = ?, bool $overwrite = false): bool
public getAlias(): ?string
public getMetadata(): mixed
public getModified(): bool
public getPath(): string
public getSignature(): array
public getStub(): string
final public static getSupportedCompression(): array
final public static getSupportedSignatures(): array
public getVersion(): string
public hasMetadata(): bool
final public static interceptFileFuncs(): void
public isBuffering(): bool
public isFileFormat(int $format): bool
final public static isValidPharFilename(string $filename, bool $executable = true): bool
public isWritable(): bool
final public static loadPhar(string $filename, string $alias = ?): bool
final public static mapPhar(string $alias = ?, int $dataoffset = 0): bool
final public static mount(string $pharpath, string $externalpath): void
final public static mungServer(array $munglist): void
public offsetExists(string $offset): bool
public offsetGet(string $offset): int
public offsetSet(string $offset, string $value): void
public offsetUnset(string $offset): bool
final public static running(bool $retphar = true): string
public setAlias(string $alias): bool
public setDefaultStub(string $index = ?, string $webindex = ?): bool
public setMetadata(mixed $metadata): void
public setSignatureAlgorithm(int $sigtype, string $privatekey = ?): void
public setStub(string $stub, int $len = -1): bool
public startBuffering(): void
public stopBuffering(): void
final public static unlinkArchive(string $archive): bool
final public static webPhar(
    string $alias = ?,
    string $index = "index.php",
    string $f404 = ?,
    array $mimetypes = ?,
    callable $rewrites = ?
): void

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

cornelius dot howl at gmail dot com
10 years ago
Onion utility can help you compile a package into a phar file (executable script file or library file)

   $ onion.phar compile \
    --executable \
    --classloader \
    --bootstrap scripts/onion.embed \
    --lib src \
    --lib ../CLIFramework/src \
    --lib ../GetOptionKit/src \
    --output onion.phar
14 years ago
Hey, I thought writing a small article about the upcoming functionality and appearance of Phar in php5.3 might be a nice thing. So I did this at - hope to save others some time when working with Phar.
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