La clase DOMImplementation

(PHP 5)


La interfaz DOMImplementation proporciona varios métodos para realizar operaciones que son independientes de cualquier instancia en particular del modelo de objetos del documento.

Sinopsis de la Clase

DOMImplementation {
/* Propiedades */
/* Métodos */
__construct ( void )
public DOMDocument createDocument ([ string $namespaceURI = NULL [, string $qualifiedName = NULL [, DOMDocumentType $doctype = NULL ]]] )
public DOMDocumentType createDocumentType ([ string $qualifiedName = NULL [, string $publicId = NULL [, string $systemId = NULL ]]] )
public bool hasFeature ( string $feature , string $version )

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giorgio dot liscio at email dot it
4 years ago
officially, the w3 specifies that the way to access dom interfaces is through this class

so if you use

$doc = new DOMDocument("1.0", "UTF-8");

use instead:

$x = new DOMImplementation();
$doc = $x->createDocument(NULL,"rootElementName");

it is not required by php's implementation, but, probably, it is a good practice

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