The GearmanWorker class

(PECL gearman >= 0.5.0)


Class synopsis

class GearmanWorker {
/* Methods */
public __construct()
public addFunction(
    string $function_name,
    callable $function,
    mixed $context = null,
    int $timeout = 0
): bool
public addOptions(int $option): true
public addServer(string $host = null, int $port = 0, bool $setupExceptionHandler = true): bool
public addServers(string $servers = null, bool $setupExceptionHandler = true): bool
public error(): string|false
public getErrno(): int
public options(): int
public register(string $function_name, int $timeout = 0): bool
public removeOptions(int $option): true
public returnCode(): int
public setId(string $id): bool
public setOptions(int $option): true
public setTimeout(int $timeout): true
public timeout(): int
public unregister(string $function_name): bool
public unregisterAll(): bool
public wait(): bool
public work(): bool

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spacewalker2002 at ukr dot net
10 years ago
For background run use:

exec("nohup php worker.php >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &");
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