Für diese Funktionen ist keine Installation erforderlich, diese gehören zum Grundbestand von PHP.

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ferenczy at NOSPAM dot volny dot cz
4 months ago
On Ubuntu 13.10 you have to install this extension first (PHP 5.5.3):

   apt-get install php5-json

(Don't forget to restart web server.)
dave at davidhbrown dot us
5 years ago
On one server I use (FreeBSD 6.3; PHP 5.2.6 as module in Apache 2.2.10), PHP was compiled with the '--disable-all' configuration option. Consequently, there exists a secondary configuration file -- /usr/local/php5/etc/extensions.ini -- in which the line


must be uncommented (delete the semicolon) and Apache restarted for these functions to be available.
haebler at gmail dot com
3 years ago
On RHEL5/CentOS5 add the EPEL repository (

After that, installation is as simple as:

    sudo yum install php-pecl-json
cko at audaxis dot com
3 years ago
On gentoo, need the USE flag "json" to compile into php
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