PHP 5.4.31 Released


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

imap_headersLiefert eine Zusammenfassung aller Nachrichtenköpfe eines Postfachs


array imap_headers ( resource $imap_stream )

Diese Funktion liefert ein String-Array, das je Nachricht einen String mit vorformatierten Informationen aus dem Nachrichtenheader enthält.



Eine von imap_open() zurückgegebene IMAP-Verbindung.


Liefert ein Array aus Strings mit formatierten Headerinformationen. Das Array enthält ein Element für jede Nachricht im Postfach.

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paulwright75 at hotmail dot com
1 year ago
Ok, this page is driving me crazy. Parsing the lines returned in the array is simple enough but there is no definitions on what the flags mean. So I searched the web to find the answer and this is what I was able to gather:

A - Answered: email has been replied to
N - New: Recent and not seen
R - Recent: Recent and seen
U - Unread: The message has not been read yet
F - Flagged: Message is "flagged" for urgent/special attention
D - Deleted: Message is "deleted" for removal by later EXPUNGE
X - Draft: Message has not completed composition (marked as a draft).

please correct me if I am wrong...
mmuoio at gmail dot com
4 years ago
This function will not return a full subject line if it is longer than 25 characters.  I found this out after trying to search each header and move the email to a different folder depending on what the subject was (searching for year and project number).
antispam at katiheta dot net
11 months ago
Message flag descriptions can be found on official imap_headerinfo page ( in "Return Value" paragraph.
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