(PHP 4, PHP 5)

fdf_saveSpeichern eines FDF Dokuments


bool fdf_save ( resource $fdf_document [, string $filename ] )

Die Funktion fdf_save() function speichert ein FDF Dokument. Das erzeugte Dokument wird in der Datei filename gespeichert. Ohne den Parameter filename gibt fdf_save() das Dokument an der Standardausgabe aus.

Siehe auch fdf_save_string(), fdf_create() und fdf_close().

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karsten at k-fish dot de
12 years ago
The doc says that an empty file name will cause PHP to output the FDF to 'stdout'. I had no success on this (with PHP 4.2.3 and fdftk v5): no string, an empty string and null all returned a message complaining about 'wrong parameter count'.

So I used the way (saving to a file and using passthru) given as an example on the page describing fdf_create(), and added a uniqid(rand(),1) to the filename to avoid clashes. This worked well.
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