For Each

You may use PHP's own foreach statement to iterate over the contents of a standard COM/OLE IEnumVariant. In layman's terms, this means that you can use foreach in places where you would have used For Each in VB/ASP code.

Beispiel #1 For Each in ASP

Set domainObject = GetObject("WinNT://Domain")
For Each obj in domainObject
  Response.Write obj.Name & "<br />"

Beispiel #2 foreach in PHP

= new COM("WinNT://Domain"); 
foreach (
$domainObject as $obj) { 
$obj->Name "<br />"


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szir at sch dot bme dot hu
9 years ago
As described in the PHP 5 COM changes article:
You not just "may use foreach statement", but you have to, because $domainObject->Next() is not available in PHP 5 (syntax has been dropped, not backwards compatible)
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