PHP: Web-sites and MySQL (Every First Wednesday of the month) [Training] (Russian Federation)
PHP. Level 2. Development web - sites and interaction with MySQL

Module 1. Work with the protocol HTTP - cookie, the server response headers

Session and persistent cookie Writing, reading and deleting cookie Lab: Using a cookie Working with HTTP-server response headers Requeried pages (subject Refresh) Jumps to other pages (forwarding and header Location) Set the type of content (subject Content-Type) Prohibition and permission cache (Cache-Control header and Expires) Hashing

Module 2. Session. Operations on files and directories. Working with mail

Sessions: create, read, write, delete, Lab: Using Sessions PHP functions for working with files Reading from Files Writing to Files File Manipulation: copy, rename, delete Working with the cursor Direct work with files Lab: Guestbook with storing data in a text file Working with folders: create, read, delete, Upload files to the server via HTTP Working with mail

Module 3. Basics of working with databases. MySQL database server

Overview of databases General information about SQL City installation of the MySQL database server Work with utilities MySQL database server Lab: Working with the MySQL database server from the command line

Module 4. Using a MySQL database server in PHP applications

PHP functions to work with the MySQL database server Connecting to a MySQL database server Sampling and analysis of the results Lab: Guestbook c storing the data in the database Modules are mysql and mysqli Effective work with MySQL Using SQL View The use of prepared queries

Module 5. Practical use of the database server MySQL: create an online store

Lab: Creating and Using an online store Creating a database Filling Katale goods Sample items from catalog Move selected items to the cart by Sample items from the basket by Removal of goods from the basket by Formation of the order Sample orders


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