February 3, 2021

BostonPHP (Every First Wednesday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
BostonPHP is the unofficial, highly biased and overly ambitious PHP Users Group for Boston and its surrounding communities. Our membership ranges from newbie-to-techie. We discourage RTFM attitudes and encourage you to come see what PHP is all about.

BostonPHP works in conjunction with BostonPHP Meetup, usually meeting the first Wednesday of every month for structured presentation at a local university or business location, and then typically moves on to a nearby restaurant/bar/pub for more informal discussion (aka drink beer).

BostonPHP has its own mailing lists (BostonPHPTalk) to facilitate interaction among members. It also hosts a number of SIG Forums, a Job Board , a BostonPHP Newsletter and member Blogs.

URL: http://www.bostonphp.org

Pittsburgh PHP Meetup Group (Every First Wednesday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
This group aims to help Pittsburgh based PHP developers hone their craft, utilizing the expertise of more experienced developers to share their knowledge with both beginners and all members of the group.

Some of the initial topics we will discuss include: * What's new in the latest version of PHP * PHP Frameworks: Do we need them? * What is your favorite IDE? * and anything else related to PHP as a web development language

Feel free to bring along any code you might be having trouble with; we'll try to help out as best we can

URL: http://www.meetup.com/Pittsburgh-PHP-Developers-Group/

Kuala Lumpur PHP (Every First Wednesday of the month) [User Group Event] (Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur PHP is a group of professionals that are dedicated to PHP development and web technology.

We're also at http://www.klphp.org

KLPHP actively supports Malaysia PHP and web communities by organizing technical presentations, networking events and technical discussion.

Our goals are to:

-- Support local developers and business in their understanding and use of PHP.

-- Further PHP locally in the area's business, university, and entrepreneurial communities.

-- Collaborate with other technology groups, including non-technical groups, for joint networking, education and social events.

While KLPHP is technically focused, we encourage non-developers to join us for networking and social events.

We also encourage you to contact us to hold special meetings and events for the KL web community.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/519978928019446/

Aberdeen PHP User Group (Every First Wednesday of the month) [User Group Event] (United Kingdom)
Aberdeen PHP User Group aims to provide regular meetings for developers in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas to get together and discuss just about anything in and around the PHP Community.

We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month and run talks or open conversations around a variety of tech topics; with a focus on PHP development but extending to general development practises.

We usually meet at Fifth Ring, who kindly let us use a room. They\'re at 47-49 Huntly Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TH. If the door is shut, just knock on the window to right of the door. We usually start at 6:30pm and run till about around 8:30 or 9:00pm.

We provide pizza, beer, soft drinks and terrible jokes.

The group is diverse, welcoming, sociable, relaxed, irreverent, informative and fun.

It is probably a good idea to check AberdeenPHP on Twitter a couple of days before the meeting, incase the time or venue has changed.

URL: https://aberdeenphp.co.uk/

PHP: Web-sites and MySQL (Every First Wednesday of the month) [Training] (Russian Federation)
PHP. Level 2. Development web - sites and interaction with MySQL

Module 1. Work with the protocol HTTP - cookie, the server response headers

Session and persistent cookie Writing, reading and deleting cookie Lab: Using a cookie Working with HTTP-server response headers Requeried pages (subject Refresh) Jumps to other pages (forwarding and header Location) Set the type of content (subject Content-Type) Prohibition and permission cache (Cache-Control header and Expires) Hashing

Module 2. Session. Operations on files and directories. Working with mail

Sessions: create, read, write, delete, Lab: Using Sessions PHP functions for working with files Reading from Files Writing to Files File Manipulation: copy, rename, delete Working with the cursor Direct work with files Lab: Guestbook with storing data in a text file Working with folders: create, read, delete, Upload files to the server via HTTP Working with mail

Module 3. Basics of working with databases. MySQL database server

Overview of databases General information about SQL City installation of the MySQL database server Work with utilities MySQL database server Lab: Working with the MySQL database server from the command line

Module 4. Using a MySQL database server in PHP applications

PHP functions to work with the MySQL database server Connecting to a MySQL database server Sampling and analysis of the results Lab: Guestbook c storing the data in the database Modules are mysql and mysqli Effective work with MySQL Using SQL View The use of prepared queries

Module 5. Practical use of the database server MySQL: create an online store

Lab: Creating and Using an online store Creating a database Filling Katale goods Sample items from catalog Move selected items to the cart by Sample items from the basket by Removal of goods from the basket by Formation of the order Sample orders

URL: http://www.specialist.ru/course/rnr2-a

Basic Laravel and PHP Course (Every First Wednesday of the month) [Training] (India)
Webnomysis is conducting a free basic laravel and PHP course. We are inviting students from across India to participate in this event. Students will be benefited after training and getting the course from expert laravel developers . This event will be a full day event and students will be trained on Building an Authorization System with the Laravel PHP Framework, creating database, Templating, PDO and SMTP E-mail, Migrations etc. Students from all India is invited to participate and share their experience with other participants.

URL: http://www.webnomysis.com/php-training-indore-institute-classes-indore/

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